Yinghai Precision designs precision plastic molds. It is a one-stop production enterprise from production, molding to inspection and determination.

Precision parts processing handled by the mold shop

Our company specializes in producing injection molds for small precision parts such as semiconductors, automobiles, medical equipment, connectors, etc. It has the strength of "high-quality, high-efficiency, and low-cost production", enough to withstand long-term automated production. We produce expensive molds. We have established a system that can consistently produce orders ⇒ design/processing ⇒ molding ⇒ mass production, thereby manufacturing efficient molds suitable for mass production. We provide high-quality molds in design and molding to electronic component and medical equipment manufacturers around the world.

01Precision mold parts processing
Using MC for microfabrication, electrical discharge machining, polishing, etc., mold parts manufacturing and other individual parts manufacturing processing.
02Precision mold design and manufacturing
We will process and assemble the designed mold.
Our engineers make full use of the latest CNC machining machines to produce high-precision molds in a short time.
03Injection molding of plastic products
We conduct 100% inspection at the factory.
We will check every item carefully and responsibly.
04Prototype-Mass Production
After the mold is completed, connect it to the molding machine and make a prototype.
We will ask customers to confirm the prototype, and if there are no problems, mass production will begin.