Yinghai Precision designs precision plastic molds. It is a one-stop production enterprise from production, molding to inspection and determination.
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In the beginning, Yinghai Precision was an enterprise that sold precision mold parts and precision plastic molds to Japan, the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries as a trading company. In recent years, users are experiencing a surge in demand for high quality, short delivery, low cost, and quick response. Therefore, our company has caught up with the rhythm of this era and cooperated with customer needs. In 2015, we introduced advanced processing equipment and testing equipment for research and development. The station of the factory. Based on the factory that manufactures precision mold parts, the company designs molds, accumulates production experience...

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01Precision mold parts manufacturing
We have grown into a company dealing in precision mold parts. Precision mold parts are the foundation of molds. The quality of mold parts has a major impact on mold assembly and product molding. We pay special attention to the quality of mold parts. The EDM tolerance is within 0.002, the cumulative polishing tolerance is within 0.005, and the EDMR is within 0.002, which can support WEDM R0.05 and so on.
02Precision plastic mold design and manufacturing
We will design and manufacture molds according to the content of the meeting. Our engineers use the latest 3D CAD/CAM system to design and manufacture molds. A variety of accepted formats can achieve fast data transmission.
03Precision plastic products molding
Our main products are car connectors, car mechanical parts, camera lenses, car bombs, etc. It has 50T, 80T, 110T FANUC molding machines. We will continue to provide high-quality products in a stable manner.

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