Yinghai Precision designs precision plastic molds. It is a one-stop production enterprise from production, molding to inspection and determination.
Yinghai Precision was originally a trading company that sold precision mold parts and precision plastic molds to Japan, the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries. In recent years, users' demands for high quality, fast delivery, low cost, and quick response have increased sharply. Therefore, we will catch up with the rhythm of this era in 2015 and meet the needs of our customers with advanced processing equipment and inspection equipment. Set up factories to work. We design molds based on factories that manufacture precision mold parts, accumulate manufacturing experience, update processing equipment and molding machines to design precision plastic molds, and are a production company from manufacturing molding to inspection and measurement. Chuangkai Precision adheres to the corporate philosophy of "high standards, high efficiency, and high added value". In the spirit of professional craftsmen, we will respond to various sizes of mold parts. We will grow together with customers and become a reliable partner for customers to solve difficult, high-precision, and fast delivery problems.

Company nameDongguan Yinghai Precision Mould Co., Ltd.Founded2013
assets10 million yenAnnual sales260 million yen
Legal personChen SongshanNumber of workers34 people
locationHead Office
Camp projectPrecision connector mold design and mold parts manufacturing, connector molding, Insert mold production, nest material production, precision mold production. Jig processing, precision cutting parts, precision grinding parts processing
Dongguan Factory (Sales Department/Manufacturing Department/Inspection and Measurement Department)
Room 106, No.856, Humen Town, Dongguan 523932

company culture

  • Challenge

    As a factory that handles precision mold parts, Yinghai Precision Mould possesses exquisite craftsmanship. Our company is thin, complex, and has a short delivery time. We use flexible production equipment 24 hours a day and constantly accept the challenge of manufacturing ultra-precision parts that other companies cannot imitate.

  • Chance

    Challenges and opportunities always coexist. We have the opportunity to gain a wealth of experience in manufacturing ultra-precision parts in cooperation with customers, and at the same time have been recognized and praised by the majority of users.

  • Communication

    As a company, employees are united, so it is best to communicate with each other. Through good communication, employees can improve production efficiency and reduce defect rates.

Business philosophy

1. Work from the perspective of the customer
2. Develop and improve continuous technology
3. Do your best for the company's stable growth
4. Work hard to improve the lives of employees
5. Thorough education of employees
6. News movement

Quality policy

We are a company that wins trust by producing high-quality products that meet customer needs.
  • 1. Efforts to improve technology
  • 2. Keep in mind the customer's requirements at all times
  • 3. Set quality goals and use them every year

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